Luke 10:31: KATEBAINEN

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> Or might KATABAINW 
> be used more casually of travelling on a road?


I was kind of surprised that I could not find KATABAINW in the LXX
(canonical) used of decent from Jerusalem. However there is one place
in the apocrypha which looks promising.

1Mac. 2:31

The two NT passages are Luke 10:30 (your passage) and Acts 8:26. I took
a look at LEH (LXX lexicon) and found no indication of a "casual" use of

The next thing that needs to be done is to look at ANABAINW with
Jerusalem. This is far more common. If one could establish that ANABAINW
and KATABAINW are a contrasting pair (a binary opposition) then one
could perhaps infer that any use of KATABIANW in reference to a road
coming out of Jerusalem would always mean movement away from Jerusalem.

Of course there is really no reason to limit the study of these words to
occurrences with Jerusalem. I just did that to limit the scope since the
words are very common. I also was operating on a hunch that ANABAINW
with Jerusalem is something like a fixed expression and for this reason
can be studied as a lexical unit.

I think this is an exercise in proving the obvious.

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