Sorting alphabetically?

Jonathan Ryder jpr1001 at
Fri Jul 23 07:17:54 EDT 1999

Wieland Willker wrote:
> Does anyone know how to sort greek words alphabetically? I've tried this in
> MS Excel, but without success. I have the words without accents, but I
> cannot change the ordering from a,b,c,d...   to   a,b,g,d...
> There is an option in Excel for user-defined sorting, but it is not working
> the way I want it.
> Best wishes
>     Wieland
>       <><


I have Excel 97 and tried the following, which seemed to work for me for cells
containing single letters but not cells containing words (if this is what you
did and it wasn't what you wanted, apologies for wasting your time):

Tools > Options > Custom list

Click on NEW LIST

Type in the alphabet you want, separated by retuns (eg. a b g d e z h q i k,

Click on 'Add' - the alphabet should appear in the LH box as list separated by
commas - and then 'Ok'

Select your list to sort

Sata > Sort > Options

Choose the alphabet you typed in from drop down list box

Click on 'Ok' then set up your sort as you wish (ie ascending descending etc)
then on 'Ok'

now to get it to work for whole words ...

Jonathan Ryder

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