Acts 19:4 word order

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Fri Jul 23 00:47:00 EDT 1999

I made an obvious error here along with all the subtle errors. 

> I see "about . . . him" as the complement of "tell" and "in
> whom . . ." as limiting "him."

In whom clearly does not limit "him" rather it limits "the one". I let
someone else find the other errors.


>  Fitzmeyr's translation of the whole verse is:
> *********
> Acts 19:4
> So Paul explained, "John baptized with a baptism of repentance; he used
> to tell the people about the one who would come after him, in whom they
> were to believe, that is, in Jesus."
> ********
> Its late and I am tired. But it seems that this English rendering
> represents a different analysis of the syntax than what you have
> suggested. I see "about . . . him" as the complement of "tell" and "in
> whom . . ." as limiting "him." If my analysis of the English is correct
> then Fitzmyer isn't reading the Greek syntax the same way as Barrett.
> You know this is why I don't like working with English translations. The
> English just adds a new layer of obfuscation to the problem. Fitzmyer's
> translation is probably too dynamic for trying to read his analysis of
> the underlying Greek syntax and he does not comment on the syntax
> explicitly.

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