Acts 19:4 word order

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Thu Jul 22 15:55:42 EDT 1999

Carl Wrote:

> I think Barrett is right; in this instance the hINA clause is a substantive
> clause that is the object of LEGWN (in the sense of KELEUWN), while the EIS
> phrase really must go with PISTEUWSIN despite the awkward word-order; I
> think that the parenthetical clarification (TOUT' ESTIN EIS TON IHSOUN)
> makes this clear and may have been added precisely because the word-order
> is somewhat awkward with that EIS TON ERCOMENON MET' AUTON stuck out ahead
> of the hINA clause itself. My 2c worth.


How awkward is this word order? (This kind of a fuzzy question.) Is it
really awkward in terms of NT Greek or is it only awkward because we
wouldn't do it that way in English?

Thanks for your help with this.


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