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VINCE ENDRIS vendris at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 12:31:01 EDT 1999

I agree.  I breezed by greek one and two all because of my summer before I 
began.  Now syntax and morphology, that was not so easy.  But the vocabulary 
is what kept me alive for so long.  When you know the words, it is a lot 
easier to get started.  I would concentrate on the vocabulary more than 
anything.  Though each has his owe way I'm sure.

>I took Greek last summer and found the most useful technique,
>was to get the alphabet down and pronounciation of the letters.
>Then using the text you will be using in class, study vocabulary.
>Lord Blessings,
>Bob Bower     robertbower at netzero.net
>Concordia Theological Seminary
>Fort Wayne, IN

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