Acts 19:4 word order

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Thu Jul 22 14:16:51 EDT 1999

Acts 19:4 brought me up short, particularly the second half of the 
verse. Apparently I am not alone here, since the commentators are not in
agreement about how this ought to be unscrambled.

On issue which intrigued me is where to connect (syntactically):


Barrett (Acts:ICC) makes it limit the verb PISTEUSWOSIN. This makes a
nice smooth reading in English but the position of hINA makes me
skeptical of this solution.

Barrett's English translation: ". . . telling the people that they
should believe in the one who was coming after him . . ."

Fitzmyer (Acts:AB) makes it limit LEGWN.

Fitzmyer's English translation: "he used to tell the people about the
one who would come after him"

My question is about Barrett's solution. Is it feasible, given the
position of hINA?

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