Stevens, Charles C Charles.Stevens at unisys.com
Thu Jul 22 14:04:03 EDT 1999

On 22 July 1999 at 10:53AM, Alan Hultberg queries: 

<<After following this string, I give up.  What is an OCR program?>>

An Optical Character Recognition program.  Given a digital image of a text
(for example, from a flatbed or handheld scanner), it "recognizes"
characters in the digitized image and produces a text file corresponding to
the scanned image.  I'm not sure whether this recognition is customarily
done as the digital image is being scanned (thus producing two files -- the
digital image and the text representation -- simultaneously) or if the
latter is produced subsequently.  

The process works a whole lot better for a "fixed" font (printed or typed)
than it does, for example, from manuscripts (in the strictest sense of the
word). Can save considerable keying.  

	-Chuck Stevens

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