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Eric Weiss wrote:
>On 07/19/99, "Jon Weatherly <jweather at>" wrote:
>> I suspect that the choice of a textbook is largely a matter of the
>> instructor's personality and the students' interests and abilities.
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>Well, based on Dale Wheeler's enthusiastic endorsement, I am going to teach 
>a small group from church using Story and Story's GREEK TO ME (yes, with 
>the funny pictures and the picture flashcards). It's out of print, but I 
>may be able to get a few copies (if not, I'll probably use Mounce). If it 
>goes as planned, I'll know in several months what kind of success to 
>expect. I learned NT Greek with Mounce (and he explains why he separates 
>teaching verbs and nouns) and did well (as best as I can tell).

My explanation of why I use GREEK TO ME is in the archives; my enthusiasm
has not waned over the almost 15 years of using it, nor have I seen
anything else that does what GTM does as well as it does it.

As to the availability of GTM, its true that Harper has dropped the book,
but Lyle Story (Dean at Regent Univ; <lylesto at>) is redoing,
cleaning up, and planning on releasing his own version of the text book
soon.  He can also probably point you to copies still left.


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