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Thu Jul 22 12:45:20 EDT 1999

Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
>If you check the UBS 4th ed. Greek New Testament's Discourse Segmentation
>Apparatus, you will see that in the NA26 those are referred to as
>subparagraphs. They ARE NOT for justifying the line. They are used to
>indicate minor breaks in thought not great enough to rate a full paragraph.
>The UBS 4th ed. Greek New Testament Discourse Segmentation Apparatus at the
>bottom of each page shows how various Greek New Testament editions and
>various transslations , punctuated and subdivided  the text. to understand
>it better, read the prefactory material in the UBS 4th edition (the only one
>with the Discourse Segmentation Apparatus) especiall pages 39*-45* (the
>asterisks signify that these pages are the pages of the introduction, not
>the text itself)

I've noticed in comparing some of the early papyrii and Uncials with the NA
text that, in certain places, the spacing in NA corresponds to the (much
smaller, but clear) spacing used in some of the early mss to indicate
paragraphing (which, along with later mss, is where the various
translations listed in the US footnotes got their paragraphing, no doubt).


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