Dale M. Wheeler dalemw at teleport.com
Thu Jul 22 12:04:31 EDT 1999

Vincent Broman wrote:

>> Does anyone know of an OCR program/software (affordable) that works with
>> Greek (including recognizing all the accents)?  And if possible that can
>> recognize mixed languages, such as English and Greek in the same text?
>In general, the cheap packages do not do greek at all.
>Those with a greek option for a little more money do only modern greek.
>I don't recall seeing announcements for any that do ancient polytonic greek.

I recently got Universal OCR from LanguageForce (www.languageforce.com) for
free off the SurplusAuction.  It claims to do 33 languages including Greek
and Hebrew, which appears to mean diacritics & vowels as well (?), be
teachable, etc.  I've not had time to try it out yet, with trying to get
some new updates to the Morphs done; has anyone else tried this package ??


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