why i'm here

Jack Blane Jones III jbj3 at mr-potatohead.com
Wed Jul 21 19:34:30 EDT 1999

hi everyone-
    i just wanted to give a quick explanation of myself.  i'm currently 19 
years old and going into my sophomore year at Huntington College.  i'm 
going to begin learning greek in the classroom this coming semester and am 
very excited about it.  i'm getting a jump start on what's to come by 
following a book on learning greek, it worries me a little because it's of 
those "begin reading greek in 10 days" deals.  but, i also wanted to begin 
using and applying it with people who know what they're talking about.  so 
that's basically why i'm here...to learn, not teach so i probably won't be 
making a lot of contributions to the list other than asking simplistic 
questions.  if i become too much of a hassle or problem, then feel free to 
kick me off the list.  otherwise i appreciate very much the patience and 
understanding that you already have for me.
                                       -Jack Jones III

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