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>For my part, I don't see how that question can be so simply resolved on the
>basis of the article alone: TWi PNEUMATI could as easily be "with/in his
>spirit" as "with in the [Holy] Spirit." I think the decision between
>alternative explanations must be based upon one's judgment of what Luke's
>ordinary usage of the word with the article must mean. I'm not that
>confident that there are clear and convincing grounds for choosing one
>alternative over the other.

I did a quick search through Luke and Acts; Luke uses PNUEMA in various
forms without the article a large number of times for the Holy Spirit. He
occasionally uses the article with the Holy Spirit (but almost always with
hAGION), but references to a human spirit almost always include the article
to distinguish it as a particular spirit. I would say the evidence leans
toward Apollos' spirit, especially since ZEWN is his personal
characteristic and it is modified by TWi PNEUMATI. Besides, from the
context he hasn't received the baptism of the Holy Spirit yet. I don't see
how he could be fervent in something he didn't have yet.


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