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At 10:59 AM -0700 7/21/99, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
>What is the referent of PNEUMATI found in  ZEWN TWi PNEUMATI in  Acts
>Fitzmyer (Acts: AB) and FF Bruce (Acts c.1954), H.A.W. Meyer, think that
>Apollos was excited, worked up, enthusiastic or some such thing. The
>take PNEUMATI as the human spirit of Apollos.  Barrett (Acts: ICC)
>questions this on several grounds. One being Luke's evident interest in
>the work of PNEUMA hAGION.
>I am wondering what impact the article has on this question, all the
>manuscripts cited in my sources read TWi PNEUMATI.

For my part, I don't see how that question can be so simply resolved on the
basis of the article alone: TWi PNEUMATI could as easily be "with/in his
spirit" as "with in the [Holy] Spirit." I think the decision between
alternative explanations must be based upon one's judgment of what Luke's
ordinary usage of the word with the article must mean. I'm not that
confident that there are clear and convincing grounds for choosing one
alternative over the other.

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