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>Since the right margin is justified in NA 27, the editors appear merely to
>have placed extra spaces between these verses in order to accomodate this
>justification.  I dont think its any sort of sub paragraphing or anything-
>its just a necessity because of the margins.

Christopher : >Hmmm.  That's funny, I always thought those WERE
subparagraphs.  I can't
find any explanation of them in the introduction.  In any case, I don't
think that justification of margins would account for the spaces.  Look,
example, at Acts 21:19-20.  There the entire word EIPON from the next line
would have fit into the space.  Likewise, in 21:25-26, except for the
the word ANDRAS would not have been split over two lines.  I think that
hyphenation and even small spacing adjustments between words would suffice
to achieve justified margins.  There must be some other explanation for the
spaces that Ray asked about.>

I agree with Christopher. I had ruled out Jim's explanation because the UBS
is right justified without the spaces. See also 2 Pet 2:10, 14-15; Rev 2:7,
17, 28-29.


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