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If you check the UBS 4th ed. Greek New Testament's Discourse Segmentation
Apparatus, you will see that in the NA26 those are referred to as
subparagraphs. They ARE NOT for justifying the line. They are used to
indicate minor breaks in thought not great enough to rate a full paragraph.
The UBS 4th ed. Greek New Testament Discourse Segmentation Apparatus at the
bottom of each page shows how various Greek New Testament editions and
various transslations , punctuated and subdivided  the text. to understand
it better, read the prefactory material in the UBS 4th edition (the only one
with the Discourse Segmentation Apparatus) especiall pages 39*-45* (the
asterisks signify that these pages are the pages of the introduction, not
the text itself)

At 09:29 AM 7/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Ray Clendenen at BSSBNOTES
>07/21/99 09:29 AM
>I usually use the UBS text so don't remember noticing this before, but in
>the NA 27 text there are at various places long spaces within a line
>preceding either a verse or a sentence. It varies in size. This space is
>not in the UBS text. I can't find an explanation for this in the preface.
>Can anyone tell me what these mean? Is it some kind of sub-paragraphing?
>Here is a list of some places where it occurs:
>Matt 3:4-5; Mark 3:13-14; 12:14-15; Lk 1:58-59; 7:39-40; Jn 1:17-18; 31-32;
>3:3-4, 8-9, 13-14; Acts 1:2-3; 4:7-8; Rom 5:5-6, 14-15, 17-18, etc.
>Ray Clendenen
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