James 4:5

Al Lukaszewski alski at fuller.edu
Wed Jul 21 00:51:17 EDT 1999

While I agree that God's jealousy for his people is expressed in numerous
places, I wonder whether there are other examples where authors combine
'general senses' in ways similar to what Alford purports that James has

Being in the middle of a move I do not have access to all my reference
materials.  Are there modern scholars who agree with this view?  Based on
what I have read, I do not recall anyone taking up this line in more modern


Albert L. Lukaszewski
alski at fuller.edu <mailto:alski at fuller.edu>

>  H Alford, /The Greek New Testament/, Cambridge, 1874, /ad loc/ suggests
>  "There is nothing improbable in the idea that James may have combined
>  the general sense of Scripture on the point of God's jealousy over
>  his people...." [In Deuteronomy 32:10, 19 LXX are found] "the elements
>  of the sense of that which is cited".

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