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Mari Broman Olsen molsen at
Tue Jul 20 14:56:36 EDT 1999

We are beginning work here at the University of Maryland to
collect publicly available biblical texts (or to obtain research
permission for copyrighted texts, as we did with the NIV) for use in
constructing lexical resources for natural language processing
applications.  Our goal is not textual comparision, but using the
inherent alignment of the the biblical text (book-chapter-verse) to
conduct other linguistic research.  Nevertheless, the site may be
interesting to members of this list.

I have posted a similar announcement to AIBI-L (The Computerised
Analysis of Biblical Texts Discussion Group
<AIBI-L at>).  That list has been quite inactive of
late, and I encourage those of you interested in computational tools
for (or from, as in our case) biblical study to join in and introduce
yourselves and your interest.



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