James 4:5

Al Lukaszewski alski at fuller.edu
Tue Jul 20 04:59:10 EDT 1999

The fact that James' citation makes reference to the spirit of the deity
being jealous can, IMHO, intimate the use of a tradition *based upon* Exodus
20.5 but the text does not seem to suggest that the author had that
particular text in mind.  Of the 7 quotations in James, only 6 are bona fide
OT citations -- most from Semitic source (IMO).  This, the 7th, is from an
as yet unidentified source.  I think the safer path is to stick to the
traditional perspective that James is citing a text which is yet to be
discovered.  Paul does this too when he refers to Jesus as saying that it is
more blessed to give than to receive (assuming a written Jesus tradition
here for illustrative purposes).

I think it might be argued that this passage in James may be derived from
the same text as Paul's assertion in Gal 5.17, per the NA27 marginal


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