John 1.3

Steve Long steve at
Mon Jul 19 14:19:20 EDT 1999

>(1) I would understand DI' AUTOU as of "mediate" agency (rather than as
>instrumental, which I think would better be expressed with an instrumental
>dative or with DIA + accusative--just as in the Hokhma/Sophia tradition of
>God's Wisdom being that whereby He creates.

I found some examples in the in LXX of reference to enquiring of the Lord
DI AUTOU the prophet. So I think this supports Carl's interpretation of a
mediary type usage. 1Ki 22:7, 1Ki 22:8, 2Ki 1:2, 2Ch 18:7. I wonder if this
qualifies as a semitism coming from the LXX, or is this a usage common to
say the Oracle at Delphi, or other Greek divine intermediaries?

>I mention this last notion strictly as a way of interpreting the Greek
>phrase DI' AUTOU EGENETO--NOT as an invitation to theological discussion on



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