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Mon Jul 19 12:00:12 EDT 1999

At 3:08 PM +0100 7/19/99, Pete Phillips wrote:
>I have been using McNair to teach a basic NT Greek course here at Cliff
>but I am getting a little fed up with it.  It just doesn't seem to work -
>perhaps because I don't teach it right.  But I am looking out for any
>advice on Greek courses I could get hold for September and the new
>academic year.  Do people still use Dobson or what?  The local University
>use Athenaze a Classical course apparently.  Any advocates for this?
>I look forward to your pearls of wisdom.

No pearls to be had here, Pete, but you probably ought to consider _Reading
Greek_ by Joint Association of Classical Teachers, published by Cambridge
UP. I've commented on it on list before and no doubt what I've said is in
the archives. It's like ATHENAZE but somewhat more sophisticated, I
think--and it does require effort on the part of both teacher and students
(what doesn't); it's virtue is that by the end of the course students can
go on into Homer, classical Attic prose, or (if they wish) into NT.

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