Matt 28:17 some or all doubted?

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Mon Jul 19 11:47:19 EDT 1999

At 10:54 PM +1000 7/19/99, Tim Duke wrote:
>ought the hOI DE in Matt 28:17 be translated 'some', or does it refer
>collectively to the whole group?
>I can find no parallel instance where such a construction has been
>translated 'some'.
>Most translations are otherwise quite consistent: they use 'some'  to
>translate a hOI MEN, ...., hOI DE phrase or a TINES + Genitive Plural,
>but never a hOI DE phrase by itself.

I think that the hOI DE is "others" in antithesis to 18:16 hOI DE hENDEKA;
of course the DE there is simply a continuative particle, but it certainly
would appear that the hOI DE as subject to EDISTASAN must indicate a group
antithetical to the Eleven.

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