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Thu Jul 15 10:26:17 EDT 1999

>Actually you're both right.  The phrase itself is very Greek and does
>indeed appear
>in Matthew 17:15.  It is taken up into the Latin liturgy as early as can
>be traced
>and was taken over wholesale as the West adopted Latin as its official
>language as
>were many other Greek terms and phrases taken into Christian Latin.  So from a
>certain perspective it is indeed "Latin" since most folks who know the
>Latin mass
>or hours and are familiar with the phrase know it only from Latin, not
>Greek.  But
>in origin it is indeed a Graecism.
>Hope that helps a mite or two,

It even predates Matthew it is found in the Psalms 3 times (LXX 40:5,
40:11, 122:3) (KJV 41:4, 41:10, 123:3) and in Isaiah once (LXX 33:2). I
guess you could say its a Hebrew Loan Idea!


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