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Jim West jwest at Highland.Net
Thu Jul 15 08:36:29 EDT 1999

I suppose, according to the reasoning of some, that a loan word is a priori
excluded from being a real word in the receptor language- which means that
now we are in the unhappy position of having to abandon all english loan
words as not really english.
this, though, is simply patently absurd.

the same reasoning must apply to greek words taken into latin.  just because
a word is a loaner does not mean, nor can it mean, that it always remains
that way.  once assimilated into the new language it becomes a genuine and
authentic word in that language.

the latin liturgy makes use of a legitimately latin phrase.  that phrase was
taken into a song.  those are the facts.  There is nothing at all un-latin
about the phrase "kyrie eleison" any more than there is anything un-english
about the word "kindergarten" (a german loan word!)



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