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Hi, Steve.

I have a quick answer for question #2.  The performer is Mr. Mister, 1985.


Steve Long wrote:
> I saw something interesting last night and it was related to Greek, and it
> inspired a couple of questions that I thought some B-Greekers might be able
> to help me with.
> While driving to the video store last night, I noticed one of those little
> Honda cars that you see everywhere that are lowered and have big tires and
> a loud stereo (you know the ones I mean). In it sat a young man with a crew
> cut, cool shades and an attitude. But across the windshield of his car,
> instead of the usual stereo manufacturer name or hot rod part manufacturer,
> was the word IXQUOS. And I thought "Now that's unusual!"
> So it got me thinking, if I was going to put something across my windshield
> in Greek, what would it be? My first idea is 'KURIE ELEHSON', because of
> that rock and roll anthem by the same name "KURIE ELEHSON on the road that
> I must travel". So here are my two questions:
> 1. If you were going to put a Greek phrase across YOUR windshield, what
> would it be?
> and
> 2. Does any one know the name of the band that sang the song?
> I realize this is kind of off-topic, but it might be fun for the list.
> Steve Long

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