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>So it got me thinking, if I was going to put something across my windshield
>in Greek, what would it be? My first idea is 'KURIE ELEHSON', because of
>that rock and roll anthem by the same name "KURIE ELEHSON on the road that
>I must travel". So here are my two questions:

Well actually that song is based on the latin phrase "kyrie eleison"- from
the latin mass wherein the mercy of God is invoked through Christ.  I recall
this because the song came out when I was in grad school and someone in
class asked what it meant.  (you can tell I went to a very intellectual
school)  :-)

>1. If you were going to put a Greek phrase across YOUR windshield, what
>would it be?


>2. Does any one know the name of the band that sang the song?

gee---- its right on the tip of my tongue.....



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