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Wed Jul 14 10:32:14 EDT 1999

I saw something interesting last night and it was related to Greek, and it
inspired a couple of questions that I thought some B-Greekers might be able
to help me with.

While driving to the video store last night, I noticed one of those little
Honda cars that you see everywhere that are lowered and have big tires and
a loud stereo (you know the ones I mean). In it sat a young man with a crew
cut, cool shades and an attitude. But across the windshield of his car,
instead of the usual stereo manufacturer name or hot rod part manufacturer,
was the word IXQUOS. And I thought "Now that's unusual!"

So it got me thinking, if I was going to put something across my windshield
in Greek, what would it be? My first idea is 'KURIE ELEHSON', because of
that rock and roll anthem by the same name "KURIE ELEHSON on the road that
I must travel". So here are my two questions:

1. If you were going to put a Greek phrase across YOUR windshield, what
would it be?


2. Does any one know the name of the band that sang the song?

I realize this is kind of off-topic, but it might be fun for the list.

Steve Long

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