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Tue Jul 13 08:55:58 EDT 1999

Hi Cindy:

My daughter-in-law, who is Chinese, tells me that Logos is indeed
translated as "dao" in the NT (as, for example, in John 1:1).  She says
that Chinese lacks a really good term for Logos, and "dao" is about as
close as they can get.  She translates the term into English as "way," or
"method."  She also says that she has a translation that uses the term
"wha," which is the simple Chinese word for "word."  This translation,
however, is not the one that is commonly used in China and Taiwan.

For whatever it's worth.

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Mann
thmann at juno.com

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999 21:32:14 -0500 Cindy Smith <cms at dragon.com> writes:
>I read a Chinese commentator some time back who argued that, just as
>the Logos in pagan Greek religious thought is the organizing force 
>through which the universe was created, so the Dao (Tao) in Chinese 
>religious thought is the organizing force through which the universe 
>was created.  Therefore, a dynamic translation of Logos into Chinese 
>is Dao.  Does anyone know both Greek and Chinese who can tell me if 
>Chinese translations of the Bible actually translate Logos with the 
>word Dao?
>If this is not an appropriate question for this mailing list, just 
>email me.  Thanks!
>Cindy Smith
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