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At 10:52 AM -0700 7/12/99, Edgar Foster wrote:
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>>At 8:51 AM -0700 7/12/99, Edgar Foster wrote:
>>Dear Carl, Carlton, and Jim,
>>Thanks for your help with the "peace of God" phrase
>in Phil. 4:7. I have one more question related to this passage. Could
>EN XRISTWi IHSOU denote the means by which God gives His peace? Is it
>possible to
>understand this clause as "by Christ Jesus" or "by
>means of Christ Jesus"?<
>>I wouldn't say that's impossible, but do we have
>other instances of EN + dative of a PERSON in an instrumental sense?
>And I assume you're aware of
>one fairly widespread view that the phrase means
>something like 'incorporated into the body of Christ.'<
>Dear Carl,
>What about Matt. 12:24; 2 Cor. 5:19? These seem to qualify as instances
>of EN + the dative of a person in an instrumental sense.

These are indeed helpful examples; both do emphasize the power involved,
and I can see how that might be argued also in Phil 4:7

>And yes, I am aware of the view that Paul is here speaking of being "In
>Christ" (the body of Christ). Both Ralph Martin and Gerald Hawthorne
>favor this interpretation. Ralph Earle simply writes that we must be
>"in Christ" to experience hH EIRHNH TOU QEOU. He totally rules out EN
>having an instrumental sense here.

Good enough. I thought you probably were aware of that view.

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