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Mon Jul 12 14:12:22 EDT 1999

>>Take one of the cases, say the accusative and "decenter"  the case.
>>Analyze the distribution of the case by semantic functional categories
>>and set out to demonstrate that there is no "core" or "center" to the
>>case. Show that the semantic functions of the case do not group around
>>any central semantic function no matter how abstract you try and define

Carl wrote:
> Sounds a bit, Clay, like you've drawn the conclusion before doing the
> research: "set out to demonstrate that ...; show that ..." I'd prefer to
> say, "test the hypothesis that ..."

Carl is correct here. What I am proposing is not an exercise in
positivism. I am suggesting that Brian set out with the purpose of
undermining the notion that a CASE has a central or core meaning. The
intent of this would not be at all "neutral" or "scientific." I have
been dabbling in Derrida and the idea of "decentring" is what I am
driving at here. This is not intended to be positivism. It is an attack
on the idea that a CASE has a stable core of meaning using "what ever
means necessary" (Malcolm X).

BTW, dabbling in Derrida does not mean I am buying into Derrida.


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