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>Dear Carl, Carlton, and Jim,

>Thanks for your help with the "peace of God" phrase
in Phil. 4:7. I have one more question related to this passage. Could
EN XRISTWi IHSOU denote the means by which God gives His peace? Is it
possible to
understand this clause as "by Christ Jesus" or "by
means of Christ Jesus"?<

>I wouldn't say that's impossible, but do we have
other instances of EN + dative of a PERSON in an instrumental sense?
And I assume you're aware of
one fairly widespread view that the phrase means
something like 'incorporated into the body of Christ.'<

Dear Carl,

What about Matt. 12:24; 2 Cor. 5:19? These seem to qualify as instances
of EN + the dative of a person in an instrumental sense. 

And yes, I am aware of the view that Paul is here speaking of being "In
Christ" (the body of Christ). Both Ralph Martin and Gerald Hawthorne
favor this interpretation. Ralph Earle simply writes that we must be
"in Christ" to experience hH EIRHNH TOU QEOU. He totally rules out EN
having an instrumental sense here.


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