Hair-splitting for the Bald

Paul S. Dixon dixonps at
Mon Jul 12 12:40:12 EDT 1999

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999 09:22:07 -0500 "Edgar M. Krentz" <emkrentz at>

>This is a very interesting thread. I wonder, however, whether some of 
>these statistics might not be deceptive. I think that it should be 
>restricted to the indicative mood. For example, one would get a
preponderance >of aorist infinitive forms of  LAMBANW over present and
perfect infinitives, 
>simply because that is the infinitive form of preference.
>At the least, Daniel, I would be interested in knowing the statistics 
>for the different moods. The rarity of any perfect infinitives would
>the interpretation, IMHO. ;-)

I agree, Edgar.  It would be very interesting to compare the ratios
of perfect indicatives/aorist indicatives in the Classics, the LXX, 
and the GNT.  I would like some evidence to support the thesis
that the aorist is increasingly assuming the functions of the
perfect and pluperfect, at least in the indicative mood.

Paul Dixon

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