Research Ideas

clayton stirling bartholomew c.s.bartholomew at
Mon Jul 12 10:22:25 EDT 1999

> Greetings
> I am preparing for my fall class schedule at Seminary. This is my final
> year and I will be taking my fourth greek class. This class will be an
> independent study of advanced greek grammar. My question is, if you had all
> the time in the world and unlimited resources what question or issue and
> greek grammar would you like to study. I am looking for some fresh ideas
> for my research for this coming year.
> Thank You
> Brian Tucker, M.A.
> Riverview, MI


Are there any fresh ideas? How about verb aspect? Just kidding.

You could do a historical study of personal pronouns from Homer to
Koine. Historical studies have been out of vogue for quite a while so
perhaps they would now be "fresh."


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