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>I am preparing for my fall class schedule at Seminary. This is my final 
>year and I will be taking my fourth greek class. This class will be an 
>independent study of advanced greek grammar. My question is, if you had all 
>the time in the world and unlimited resources what question or issue and 
>greek grammar would you like to study. I am looking for some fresh ideas 
>for my research for this coming year.

Personally I would do a comparison between the present fad of "discourse"
analysis versus the traditional grmmatical analysis method of examining
Greek texts.  I would ask which method is the most fruitful for exegesis and
interpretation and which is more accurate in describing the texts as they
are.  And I would use sample texts as examples- utilizing discourse
methodologies and traditional historical/grammatical methods.

But thats just me.

(awaiting the fresh onslaught of differeing views)  ;-)


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