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At 9:52 AM +0200 7/10/99, Daniel Riaño wrote:
>>At 5:16 PM +1200 7/8/99, N & RJ Hanscamp wrote:
>>>>Could someone with a TLG (still awaiting the web interface), please lookup
>>>>APOSTOLOS for me?
>>>Ummm pardon my ignorance, but wot's a TLG?
>>Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, a long-time project to digitize the best
>>available texts of all of Greek literature; through the CD-ROM disks (1 of
>>literary texts, 1 of papyrus and inscriptions), it's possible to quickly
>>search most Greek texts. For more info check out:
>	Just two apostilles and a nota bene:
>	a) The CD ROM for Greek documentary papyri and inscriptions (PHI
>#7) is not a part of the TLG project, although they use the same encoding
>scheme for texts, and they share a common "philosophy" in conception of the
>data base and data base dissemination.
>	b) Regretfully, at least in the present CD ROM #D, it is not exact
>to say that the TLG has always chosen the best editions available: in some
>cases they used a different criterion.

Daniel is absolutely right, of course. The Greek documentary papyri and
inscriptions is a Packard Humanities Institute product; since it is Greek
language material I associate it in my mind with the TLG literary-texts
disk rather than with the Latin literary texts on the other PHI disk. And
I'll also readily agree that the selection of texts for inclusion in the
project is questionable in some instances (on BOTH the TLG and the PHI
literary disks). I'm aware, moreover, of one instance where the TLG disk
includes two alternative editions of lyric poetry.

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