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Daniel Riaño danielrr at
Sat Jul 10 03:52:44 EDT 1999

>At 5:16 PM +1200 7/8/99, N & RJ Hanscamp wrote:
>>>Could someone with a TLG (still awaiting the web interface), please lookup
>>>APOSTOLOS for me?
>>Ummm pardon my ignorance, but wot's a TLG?
>Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, a long-time project to digitize the best
>available texts of all of Greek literature; through the CD-ROM disks (1 of
>literary texts, 1 of papyrus and inscriptions), it's possible to quickly
>search most Greek texts. For more info check out:

	Just two apostilles and a nota bene:
	a) The CD ROM for Greek documentary papyri and inscriptions (PHI
#7) is not a part of the TLG project, although they use the same encoding
scheme for texts, and they share a common "philosophy" in conception of the
data base and data base dissemination.
	b) Regretfully, at least in the present CD ROM #D, it is not exact
to say that the TLG has always chosen the best editions available: in some
cases they used a different criterion.

	N.B: I wrote a little book on Macintosh applications for the
Classical Philology where I discuss at (some) length the TLG and PHI (and
many others) Greek and Latin text databases ant the corresponding retrieval
software. I can send the bibliographic reference to anyone interested.

Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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