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Daniel Riaño danielrr at
Sat Jul 10 03:52:39 EDT 1999

>Could someone with a TLG (still awaiting the web interface), please lookup
>APOSTOLOS for me?
>I'd like to know if there are any occurrences where it seems to be a title,
>position, or office.
>Any available data would be appreciated.

	Mmmm... an index search yields more then 2700 instances of some
form of APOSTOLOS: Where do you want us to start from? :-). Even after
excluding from the search Joahnnes Chrysostomus, Theodoretus, Eusebius
Caesariensis, Athanasius, Basilius, Clem.Al., Gregorius Nyssenus, the
volumes from the Concilia Oecumenica present on the CD, Dydimus Caecus,
Epiphanius, all of them with about 100 instances or more, and the authors
later that Joannes Damascenus you have a bunch of quotes to check (I can
send you the list by private eMail).

	Probably is more practical using the lexica and specialised
bibliography. RBLG quotes 8 bibliographical entries for the entry
APO/STOLOS: I can send the list to you (or anyone interested) by private
eMail. DGE vol. III s.v. *APO/STOLOS* (pp. 457-8) only registers one
instance (section. B.III.5) of the substantiviced term maybe used as a
title. It is in the lexicographer Hesychius *sub voce*, but (ughhh) you
must be very cautious with this quote (as always with Hesychius): The entry
for APO/STOLOS in Hesychius says: *a)po/stolos: strathgo\s kata\ plou=n
pempo/menos*: It could be interpreted as meaning that the term APO/STOLOS
was used as a synonymous for STRATHGO/S, but most probably (almost
certainly) it means that in some passage (like Demosthenes 18.107, quoted
by Hsch. editor K. Latte) APO/STOLOS was used in reference to somebody who
was, in fact, a STRATHGO/S: this is a very common procedure in Hesychius.

Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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