Revelation and Tabernacles

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Fri Jul 9 19:53:23 EDT 1999

Not exactly a Greek question, but...

I was glancing through the new "Full Life Bible Commentary to the New 
Testament: An International Commentary for Spirit-Filled Christians" by 
French L. Arrington (Editor), Roger Stronstad (Editor) [Zondervan] and in 
the section on Revelation, the commentator said his comments were based on 
Revelation being structured and symbolized in accordance with the Feast of 
Tabernacles, as this illuminates much of Revelation - studies this century, 
as well as the increasing interest in the Jewish background of the NT, have 
caused scholars to see this connection more and more (though few treat it 
that way; indeed, he says of the few treatments of the book this way, one 
by V. Burch (1939?) was perhaps the most recent).

I glanced through David Aune's massive 3-volume Word Commentary on 
Revelation, but had no success with finding anything related to this idea. 
It may be there, but the subject index didn't help me locate anything, and 
the introductory chapters didn't seem to address it. I have and have 
somewhat read Austin Farrer's commentary (A REBIRTH OF IMAGES) and there 
may be some of this idea there - but I'm wondering: Have any of you come 
across materials that support this idea that the Feast of Tabernacles (as 
practiced by Jews and described in Philo, Josephus, the Talmud, etc.) is a 
major interpretive key to the Apocalypse?

-Eric S. Weiss
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