TLG Lookup on APOSTOLOS: addendum

Jeffrey B. Gibson jgibson000 at
Fri Jul 9 15:15:52 EDT 1999

Here's the data regarding instances of APOSTOLOS in what the TLG terms
whose constituent elements come from a variety of dates) and incerta
(works the date
of which is uncertain). This time I was able to search using both
APOSTOLW all at once.


Search for:  apostolo apostolw
Search authors in the first century they wrote
Allowable interval between words: Exact phrase
Date: Varia
Vitae Homeri: 1
Concilia Oecumenica, ACO: 389
Scholia in Aelium Aristidem: 6
Scholia in Aeschinem: 1
Scholia in Aeschylum: 2
Scholia in Demosthenem: 7
Scholia in Pindarum: 1
Scholia in Sophoclem: 1
Anthologia Graeca: 5
Anthologiae Graecae Appendix: 4
Matches in this century:  417
Date: Incertum
Matches in this century:  0
Total number of matches:  417

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