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Jeff, given the lemma you searched, you might have come on a number
occurrences of the term APOSTOLH, used of ships, etc. One would need teo
look at each passage to see if (12) is is APOSTOLOS and (2) if it is used
of a person in (3) a technical sense of some kinPeace, Ed

>I have not yet worked out how to gain the text references for the use of
>a data file that I can then import to an e-mail message. But I have had
>some luck in
>gaining statistics on the number of times APOSTOLOS is used in extant Greek
>literature from the 8th cent BCE to through the second cent. CE.  This is
>what I
>found using "APOSTOL" as my search term. Note, this does not include a
>serach of what
>the TLG lists as varia and incerta.
>Search for:  apostol
>Search authors in each century they wrote
>Allowable interval between words: Exact phrase
>Century: 8 B.C.
>Matches in this century:  0
>Century: 7 B.C.
>Matches in this century:  0
>Century: 6 B.C.
>Epimenides Phil.: 1
>Matches in this century:  1
>Century: 5 B.C.
>Thucydides Hist.: 2
>Euripides Trag.: 2
>Herodotus Hist.: 2
>Plato Phil.: 2
>Lysias Orat.: 2
>Matches in this century:  10
>Century: 4 B.C.
>Demosthenes Orat.: 15
>Aeschines Orat.: 1
>Aristoteles Phil. et Corpus: 3
>Demades Orat. et Rhet.: 1
>Philochorus Hist.: 2
>Timaeus Hist.: 1
>Matches in this century:  23
>Century: 3 B.C.
>Polybius Hist.: 16
>Matches in this century:  16
>Century: 2 B.C.
>Posidonius Phil.: 5
>Apocalypsis Esdrae: 1
>Matches in this century:  6
>Century: 1 B.C.
>Philo Judaeus Phil.: 4
>Diodorus Siculus Hist.: 4
>Dionysius Halicarnassensis Rh: 14
>Strabo Geogr.: 2
>Matches in this century:  24
>Century: A.D. 1
>Plutarchus Biogr. et Phil.: 6
>Novum Testamentum: 85
>Josephus Hist.: 3
>Heron Mech.: 5
>[Lucas Apostolus] Med.: 1
>Barnabae Epistula: 1
>Clemens Romanus Theol. et C: 44
>Harpocration Gramm.: 2
>Ignatius Scr. Eccl.: 52
>Polycarpus Scr. Eccl.: 2
>Matches in this century:  201
>Century: A.D. 2
>Athenaeus Soph.: 2
>Pseudo-Lucianus Soph.: 2
>Aelius Aristides Rhet.: 7
>Acta et Martyrium Apollonii: 2
>Acta Joannis: 26
>Acta Pauli: 2
>Acta Petri: 1
>Achilles Tatius Scr. Erot.: 1
>Clemens Alexandrinus Theol.: 343
>Hermogenes Tarsensis Rhet.: 1
>Justinus Martyr Apol.: 35
>Apocalypsis Joannis: 6
>Athenagoras Apol.: 1
>Didache XII Apostolorum: 4
>Epistula ad Diognetum: 5
>Epistula Ecclesiarum apud Lugd: 1
>Hermas Scr. Eccl.: 5
>Irenaeus Theol.: 68
>Martyrium Polycarpi: 2
>Origenes Theol.: 1173
>Matches in this century:  1687
>Total number of matches:  1968
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