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At 8:35 PM +0000 7/8/99, Wayne Harmon wrote:
>I need to buy a copy of the Odyessy in Greek.  Does anyone know of a site
>were I might purhcase the book in hardcover.

The complete Greek text is available in the Oxford Classical Texts series
(2 vols., bks 1-12/bks 13-24) published by Oxford: it's an old, old edition
(ca. 1900) edited, as I recall, by A.T. Murray.

The best edition with commentary in English is W.B.Stanford; unfortunately
Vol. 1 (bks 1-12) is out of print; Vol. 2 is available at Focus Press


Homer: Odyssey XII-XXIV
1-85399-512-6 $27.95
Greek text, with commentary, index, bibliography, and appendices (papyrus
fragments of the Odyssey, contemporary survivals of features of the Homeric

The Greek text is available for reading on-line at Helmut Van Thiel's site
at University of Cologne:


A Macintosh font is available at his home site to read that text in Greek
font (but you'd better be able to read some German to utilize it!):


Of course you can also read the Odyssey with running English translation
from the Loeb Classical Library (print version: Greek text with facing
translation, 2 volumes published by Harvard U.P.:
http://www.hup.harvard.edu/Web_Loeb/loeb.catalog.am.html) at the Perseus


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