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I picked my ears up when "McNair" was mentioned as the author of this book
as in my head it was "Hudson".

Sure enough Amazon lists Ian McNair 1995 but DF Hudson for the same title
"1993", though actually Hudson dates from 1960 not 1993 and includes
material (such as a series of pics of a boy in a pith helmet with a lion)
that must surely date back to the mists of the grammar school era.  (most of
TY's language books are much more up to date - 1980s and 90s)

And note different publishers - Hudson is Teach Yourself series (i.e. Hodder
in the UK, NTC in the US) while McNair is published by Nelson.  Surprised
they can do this as "Teach Yourself" is a registered TM of Hodder....
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>                    Synopsis
>An understanding of the New Testament's original language
>pays rich dividends to those who want more out of
>the Bible. But few laypersons have a spare year or more
>to learn Greek in a formal academic setting. In this study
>guide, Macnair uses the same innovative, non-technical methods
>that successfully jump-start today's "English as a
>Second Language" learners.
>So there you have it, complete with a sales pitch that all but assures the
>prospective purchaser that upon quick completion of this book he will be
>able to understand the GNT better that the Original Author!!
>If my Greek were not already tainted so extensively with such an archaic
>forgotten education, I would buy this book!  :-)  The info does not show
>size, but I'll bet it is small enough not to intimidate little people
>[kids], and I hope it has good teaching cartoons.
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