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Wed Jul 7 11:40:36 EDT 1999

>From: Karl Schulte

>Whata fine idea! There is one book that I have which may be of use
>here, and it is focused on the Greek NT.  The books are older and >cover 
>just good basic Greek. They are
>small pocket sized books, and perhaps that won't intimidate the kids.

>The most likely is from the English company "Teach Yourself", which >has an 
>astounding number of titles.

Indeed they do!  A quick check of Barnes and Noble showed close to 800 of 

>I found a bookstore once that had all the
>titles and they covered an entire 30 ft by 12 ft wall.


>The particular book
>you need is "Teach Yourself N. T. Greek".

They have this one as follows:

                    Teach Yourself New Testament Greek

                     Retail Price: $16.99
                     Our Price: $13.59 You Save: $3.40 (20%)
                     In-Stock: Ships within 24 hours
                                  Format: Paperback, 512pp.
                                  ISBN: 0840711514
                                  Publisher: Thomas Nelson
                                  Pub. Date: June  1995

An understanding of the New Testament's original language
pays rich dividends to those who want more out of
the Bible. But few laypersons have a spare year or more
to learn Greek in a formal academic setting. In this study
guide, Macnair uses the same innovative, non-technical methods
that successfully jump-start today's "English as a
Second Language" learners.

So there you have it, complete with a sales pitch that all but assures the 
prospective purchaser that upon quick completion of this book he will be 
able to understand the GNT better that the Original Author!!

If my Greek were not already tainted so extensively with such an archaic and 
forgotten education, I would buy this book!  :-)  The info does not show its 
size, but I'll bet it is small enough not to intimidate little people 
[kids], and I hope it has good teaching cartoons.


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