b-greek digest: June 12, 1999

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Wed Jul 7 09:44:24 EDT 1999

Whata fine idea!  One learns best in youth, and if done well, the rod of 
yesteryear won't be needed. There is one book that I have which may be of use 
here, and it is focused on the Greek NT. Dr Carl Conrad (here) has a copy of 
a similar version covering Attic on an introductory level. These two feature 
the elimination of accents, a couple of pages of amusing cartoons involving a 
boy and a lion to illustrate prepositions (watch out for EN TW LEONTA) and 
well thought out lessons. The books are older and do not cover the more 
esoteric modern ideas (aktionstart, etc.) just good basic Greek. They are 
small pocket sized books, and perhaps that won't intimidate the kids. The 
most likely is from the English company "Teach Yourself", which has an 
astounding number of titles. Over a hundred major and obscure LL are covered, 
as well as a number of trades and skills (from violin to archeology). The 
"Dictionary of Languages" and "How to Learn a Language" are particulary 
usefull (includes a short overview and vocabulary of Catalan as an example of 
how to use the other books).  I found a bookstore once that had all the 
titles and they covered an entire 30 ft by 12 ft wall.  The philosophy was to 
help "everyman" learn by carrying (and reading of course) a small book in 
one's pocket.  Most large USA bookstores have a few of them, and the jacket 
will reveal an address in GB from which more can be had. The particular book 
you need is "Teach Yourself N. T. Greek".  There is of course "TY Greek", TY 
Modern Greek Phrase Book.  The How to Learn A Language is a very usefull book 
in itself.

Good luck.

Karl Schulte

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