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>  I had a question re: Hebrews 1:8, hO QRONOS SOU HO QEOS, (which is a 
>quotation from Psalm 45:6). Is this verse in the vocative ? Most 
>translations read it as "Thy throne O God is forever and ever", while others 
>like Goodspeed and Moffat's translations have "God is your throne forever 
>and ever". Yor insight would be appreciated.

The ambiguity arises, I think, because the greek will bear both of these
renderings equally well.  One of the funny things about learning Greek is
that one cannot always know the mind of the author just because one knows
the grammatical construction he seems to have used.  That said, I think the
"ho theos" is vocative.  Giving us something like "Your throne, God, is



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