any info on Carl Ruck or John Clabeaux?

Tue Jul 6 13:17:26 EDT 1999

Ben Raymond asked:


As I begin work on my MTS at Boston University this fall, it seems that
classes with Carl Ruck and John Clabeaux will each fit nicely into my

Both are year-long classes in introductory Greek, which I think is best
after three 8-week terms in a less-than-desirable setting (read: crash
course).  I would do just as well to start over.

Has anyone any familiarity with either of these two?  Perhaps you've had a
chance to peruse Ruck's _Ancient Greek: A New Approach_ or have some info
on Clabeaux's syllabus?

I will have access to other Boston Theological Institute schools as well,
if you might have suggestions.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, off-list if possible.


Since Carl and AKMA have both replied on-list (to the benefit of everyone, 
I think), replies with which I heartily agree, let me add this little bit, 
from one who is on-the-scene (i.e., Beantown and Cambridge).

John Clabeaux:  You met him, or at least saw him in discussion, when you 
visited the New Testament Colloquium a few months ago.  John is an HDS ThD
who is on the faculty of St. John's Seminary (RC, diocesan).  He is 
teaching the baby NT Greek year at HDS this coming year because Ellen 
Aitken has goten a real job elsewhere.  (HDS always farms this course out 
to a needy Ph.D. candidate or to a recent Ph.D. without a job.)  John will 
no doubt teach a respectable course in NT Greek; he is competent, and a 
very nice person to boot.

Carl Ruck:  Here you have what is probably the best introductory Greek
course (mainly classical) in New England.  Ruck is an outstanding scholar
(focussed above all on the Mysteries) who also believes in teaching 
beginners-to-Greek himself rather than having it done by graduate students.
(I hope this is still the case--I have no reason to think otherwise.)
His text, as Carl has written, is an outstanding example of the approach 
which some of us think is the best one--but incredibly hard to teach.

You have lucked out!  And to think he teaches at BU, where you are now a 
graduate student!

Edward Hobbs

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