Mark 8:24

Jay Adkins JAdkins264 at
Sat Jul 3 08:52:45 EDT 1999

Dear B-Greekers,

I just wanted the opportunity to thank all those who had made comments 
regarding ‘Why an instantaneous imperfect in Mark 8:24' and related topics. 
 I have been off-line for some time as of late due to both software & 
hardware problems.  My computer has been an expensive and somewhat large, 
but useful, paperweight for almost a week. :-)  The comments made have 
encouraged me in the usefulness of the slowness of my approach to 
translating the Gospel of Mark.  As a little Greek who asks ‘why' too often 
to be make progress apparent to anyone but myself, I am appreciative for 
such a format as B-Greek.  Since there is no way in which I could return 
the favor of imparting knowledge, I offer my heart felt thanks instead.

Jay Adkins

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