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"Thomas J. Kraus" wrote: [snipped]

> Dear fellows,
> since my library is incapable of identifying the place from which to order
> titles important for some of my future research, I am posting these on
> this list. Maybe, there is someone out there who can tell me where to find
> them (in order to "help" my library), how to get them, or if I may ask
> anybody for sending a copy.
> Daniel B. Wallace, The Article with Multiple Substantives Connected by KAI
> in the New Testament: Semantics and Significance. PhD Dissertation, Dallas
> Theological Seminary 1995.

Thomas, while you might care to read Wallace's dissertation (Peter Lang Publishers)
as a matter of form, you would do at least as well to just get a copy of his
grammar.  Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics, published by Zondervan, ISBN
0-310-21895-0.  Pages 270-290 of the grammar give his material in a much more
readable format than the dissertation, though they do leave out much of the specific

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