GOLGOQA with O or with A ?

Jack Kilmon jkilmon at historian.net
Thu Jul 1 10:01:56 EDT 1999

Martin Arhelger wrote:
> The hill where Jesus was crucified is called "GOLGOQA" in all Greek
> txt-editions known to me an also in my Latin edition and all of my
> English, French and Dutch bible-versions.
> But Martin Luther's German translation " and after him many protestant
> German bible-translations have "Golgatha". (German Catholic translations
> mostly have "Golgotha".)
> Does anybody know the reason why Luther has an "a" where the Greek text
> has an "o" ? Is it due to another spelling tradition of vowels or what
> is the reason?

The word is Aramaic, of course and gwlgwlt) are holem waws.  I am not
that up on Luther but if he was competent in Hebrew could he have
taken a patah from the Hebrew for "hill?"

Jack Kilmon
jkilmon at historian.net


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