Comparative adjective in John 5:36

David Miller dmiller at
Sat Jan 30 17:47:36 EST 1999

A friend of mine is trying to revive his college Greek and came over the
other day with a few questions.   One concerned the presence of MEIZW in
John 5:36.  I would have expected MEIZWN.  GRAMCORD parsed this as a FSA
comparative adj. from MEGAS.  However, a search of all other FSA comp.
occurrences of MEGAS in the NT and LXX did not bring up any other
occurrences of MEIZW.  Metzger's textual commentary refers to Moulton,
Prolegomena (which I don't have).

How was I supposed to know that this was an accusative form?  Is this
form of MEGAS common outside of Biblical Greek?  

...Turns out my Greek needs some brushing up too!

Thank you.

David Miller
Scarborough, Ontario
dmiller at

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