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I have been using Visio Standard for diagramming.  It is a drawing tool
designed for flow charts, org charts, street maps, etc.  It even handles
maps.  It does a beautiful job of diagramming.  You can enable a "snap to
grid" feature to keep everything uniform.  Diagrams can be exported into
bitmaps or jpegs (or many other formats) making it easy to use the
diagrams in Word (or any other Windows program).

It sells for about $130. 

 There is an add on filled with geographical data that I just ordered so
that I can make customized maps.   (The Standard edition comes with basic
maps, but nothing detailed for Greece or Israel, and no cities marked on
the maps.)  The add on ran about $80.

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999 13:42:27 -0500 "Jon R. Venema"
<Grammata at compuserve.com> writes:
>>I am wondering is there is anyone out there that knows of a windows
>>that is designed to do sentence diagramming?  In this case I want to 
>>greek sentence diagramming.
>>Byron Knutson
>I too would like to know of a windows based program that would 
>Greek diagramming.  I have used Excel to great effect, but it is more
>tedious =
>than I would like.  Still, if you haven't tried it, it may prove a 
>substitute, =
>Byron, until we find something better.
>Jon R. Venema
>Western Seminary
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